When it All Seems Too Much…

Today was one of those days when I felt overwhelmed by everything; thinking about my future, what I am currently doing, is this what I want to do with my life, too many tasks to do, where to start, the mundanity of my usual routine. Situations like these tend to lead to procrastination which can paralyse you into indecision and inaction. You eventually feel that it is easier just to keep on doing the same old routine without putting much thought into it; perhaps you are just over-thinking things.

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Being Mindful

During my pleasant walk today, I was enjoying my lunch break in the sunshine. Having had a spell of colder, more windy weather (typical autumn weather), this was a refreshing change which had to be embraced. The air was calm and the skies were blue. It was easy to appreciate the beauty when looking up.

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Goodbye Xbox!

I mentioned in my previous post that the Xbox was next to go. On Sunday I successfully sold my Xbox with around 10 games. Instead of using eBay which may have given me a bit more money, I decided to sell it at an electronics exchange store (CeX) which bought the Xbox and games based on what it quoted online (at least I knew how much I was getting beforehand). My primary purpose was to get rid of the Xbox as soon as possible so the convenience was ideal for my situation; if I did not mind hanging onto these for a bit longer I could have sold them on eBay. However I was on a mission to immediately get rid of this to free up space.

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Downsizing My Wardrobe

Today I went through my clothes again to see what else I could get rid of. I managed to find some t-shirts and jumpers I had either not worn in a long time or just thought there was no need to have it. This included one I was given as a gift. My initial reaction was to keep it, as I think, like many people, you should not just throw away a gift. However, if it is of no use to you and is unnecessarily taking up space, why keep it? To protect the other persons feelings? If you do not see the person frequently, chances are they are not going to bring it up in the future; they may even forget in some cases!

I ended up donating these clothes to charity. I still need to go through other items of clothing, but seeing I managed to get rid of around ten items of clothing in one go, I am rather content. The wardrobe certainly feels more spacious, and the extra space feels liberating. Next to go is my xbox tomorrow!