New Year’s Resolutions

Its that time of the year again – right at the end of the year, in fact. We will look back at this past year, thinking of what we accomplished and what is outstanding. What did we learn this year? What were the high points? The low points? What would make an appropriate New Year’s Resolution? Although we ask all these questions, many of us seem to forget another important one – how did I do on this year’s resolution?

This has always been the case and is very human; there is the old self this year, and the new self next year. We set ourselves a target, sometimes without much thought or spur of the moment, which seems new and different. Although this may motivate us for the first couple of weeks (sometimes days), it can be easy to quickly lose momentum when the newness of the target fades and old habits creep back in. You are likely then to forget this new resolution and not remember when reviewing the year.

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Spirit of Giving (Away My TV)

Hope you all had a good Christmas with family and friends! I had a great day of spending time with the family, stuffing my face with too much food and taking it easy (times time to recover from all that eating!). Boxing day was spent meeting up with two old school friends, one of which flew from Germany for the holiday period. I also met up with another friend yesterday, and spent today with my father’s side of the family. How could it get any better you may ask?

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Merry Christmas!

It’s that time of the year again of spreading goodwill, spending time with the family and most importantly stuffing our faces with so much food! Tis the season to be jolly as it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Although the Christmas season can be a nice time, it can also be a very stressful time. The commercialisation of Christmas has encouraged many societies to spend lots of money over the holiday season on drinks, food and presents; I read an interesting article that suggested a record £31.9 billion is predicted to be spent on debit cards this festive season. Some banks expect Christmas consumer spending to increase around 3% compared to the previous year. At a time when many people are hard-pressed financially, this seems to suggest that people are forgetting their money problems until the beginning of next year. The commercialisation of the holiday season sucks many people in, making them think they need to spend more money and get more gifts to really enjoy Christmas; some people even said that they would fight through the last days of Christmas shopping “to revel in the festive spirit”!

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A New Day

One of the best ways to start the day is to appreciate it right from the beginning. It may be hard at first, especially when the alarm rudely wakes you from your peaceful sleep (how dare it!). This can make people feel irritated and sharply reminds them that they need to get to work. Without making a conscious effort, this negative mood could quickly set the tone for the day.

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No Possessions

Although minimalism is being discussed more, there are still many misconceptions that many people hold about it. One of the most common misconceptions is to be a minimalist means owning no possessions. It means that you can never make purchases and have to live a boring life in a barren environment. They seem to think that this extreme one-size-fits-all approach is the only version of minimalism that exists, and therefore unsurprisingly do not think its for them.

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