Save 100% When You Don’t Buy!

Have you noticed that many shops seem to be offering sales all year round? I may not be remembering this correctly, but I seem to recall that as a kid there were not so many sales. Don’t get me wrong, there were still certainly plenty of sales, but they seemed more seasonal. Now when I walk into most shops (which is becoming increasingly rare), there is some sort of sale being advertised at the front of the shop to tempt you inside. When I go on Amazon’s or Play’s website, most of the time I am greeted by some major discount and clearance sales, reasons screaming why I should buy now to save money and DON’T MISS OUT!

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The Art of Distractions

Us human beings are a funny lot, aren’t we? When it comes to focussing on something that will benefit us in the long run, we have a natural tendency to seek out to do anything but what we are meant to be focussing on. I can still remember the days doing coursework (when I should have been doing coursework), thinking I had already done so much by opening a word document and entering the title at the top of the page; I have already made a start, and therefore can treat myself to something else for 10 minutes. Except it never is just 10 minutes is it? One YouTube video leads to two or me more, then its time for a bit of facebook, check out whats going on in World of Warcraft, and by the time you know it, its too late to do anymore work, so just be content with your start and watch a film or something – there is always tomorrow. Of course, there are only so many tomorrows you can rely on before they run out.

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Quick Thought On Lists

Do you sometimes feel that your day was directionless and that you had accomplished nothing, even if you were extremely busy? Do you sometimes wonder why you feel discontent after doing things you felt you “should” have been doing in the day?

I stumbled across this great article by Allison Vesterfelt today about how making a list each day has really helped her find contentment each day. Creating a list of things you are looking forward to do at the beginning of the day allows you to focus on these activities and enjoy them while they are happening. I tried this out today as an experiment, and found it is pretty effective! I also find it satisfying ticking off the activities once completed and tallying them up at the end of the day. It provided a quick way of reminding me what things I have enjoyed doing today.

Easy and quick to do – why not give it a go and see if you feel any better about your day?

How Much Is Enough In 2014?

Hope everyone had a happy New Year and are ready to embrace 2014. Now that the holiday season is over and many have gone back to work, it can be easy to get back into the same old routine and lose momentum on your New Year plans (including sticking to your new year’s resolution – generally it is not too late to continue doing it even if you have been a little slack so far!). It can also be easy to lose sight of what is important, even straight after a period when we tend to reflect and think more about the important things. It may be worthwhile to ask yourself now how much is enough this year?

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