Follow Your Vision

Life can be complicated and sometimes difficult to navigate. By having some sort of vision to help us guide our choices can be very empowering. It can help us avoid distractions by focusing our attention on what truly matters to us. However, it may feel by committing to something you are closing off other opportunities in life. This may encourage procrastination and not actively deciding to do anything, and instead go on our default setting and just go with the flow.

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Reasons to be Grateful

It has been shown that expressing gratitude can make us more content. It can remind us when looking at the bigger picture, even in tough economic times it pays to make an effort to recognise things we may overlook. This is not to say it will always be easy to do, but the opportunity is there if we wish to explore it. I have found that minimalism has provided me with enough spare time to count my blessings.

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Slowing Down In a Fast-Paced Society

Many developed countries pride themselves on their fast-paced lifestyles. It seems like everyone aspires to be living the dream of constantly being on the move and achieving so many activities in the day, coming back late and doing it all over again tomorrow.

This sense of urgency is also reinforced in the media and advertisements; we are told to ENERGISE with an energy drink, drink caffeine to stay up later and do more things, and keep pushing yourself to earn more so you can buy all these great things that are guaranteed to make your life better!

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What’s In Front of You?

Since adopting a more minimalist lifestyle, I am starting to understand the importance of what we see visually. We all know that sight is one of our biggest senses, but how much do we really consider the impact this has on us?

As mentioned in a previous post, clutter is likely to cause stress as there is too much visual distraction. Anything in your immediate surroundings will take up space in your mind, so the more things you can see, the more likely you will be overstimulated and less likely to think clearly.

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Essential Packing

If I were to leave and go adventuring on short notice, what items would I want to carry with me? Having adapted a more minimalist mindset and having reduced my possessions, it has started to become clear to me that I could probably get by carrying only a few things. Possibly to the point that I could carry most, if not all of it, in one bag.

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