Log Out, Don’t Remember Me!

In my previous post, I explained how logging out of Facebook after using it may be a way of reducing my use of it. Turns out this has proved to be a very effective way of preventing me accessing my account; I have not looked at my account for 4 days!

As I have mentioned before, I have not stopped going to facebook.com or accessing the app out of habit. Instead, I have worked with it by creating an obstacle to make me stop and think before logging it in, rather than just doing it automatically without giving myself the chance.

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Reducing My Facebook Use

I feel that although I do not use Facebook that often, I do seem to access it quite frequently out of habit. Automatically I will start typing in Facebook in the address bar and hit enter out of habit and see my news feed. I can also access it simply on the app on my smartphone too.

Like many, I occasionally fall victim to browsing Facebook aimlessly for a while, wasting some time that could be better used. The problem is that it is so easy just to look around Facebook, as it is to pointlessly surf the web.

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Life’s Little Instruction Book

“Simple Wisdom and a Little Humor for Living a Happy and Rewarding Life” H. Jackson Brown JR.

I received this book as a gift from my grandparents a while ago. The author wrote it as a gift to his son, and it contains around 700 reflections of simple advice and reminders on how to live a fulfilling life. I find myself frequently referring to it for a couple of minutes just before bed.

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Its official. In just under two weeks, I will be flying over the North Atlantic Ocean. I will be working out in Connecticut for a couple of months at my company’s headquarters.

Living in America has always been a dream of mine. Even in recent years with my minimalist mindset, it is still a country I  would like to experience living in for a while. In fact, it makes it even more interesting, as I will be able to compare their consumerist culture with Britain.

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