Reducing My Facebook Use

I feel that although I do not use Facebook that often, I do seem to access it quite frequently out of habit. Automatically I will start typing in Facebook in the address bar and hit enter out of habit and see my news feed. I can also access it simply on the app on my smartphone too.

Like many, I occasionally fall victim to browsing Facebook aimlessly for a while, wasting some time that could be better used. The problem is that it is so easy just to look around Facebook, as it is to pointlessly surf the web.

Recently I discovered a way that seems to be working for me so far. Don’t get me wrong, I still type in Facebook in the address bar without even thinking about it, or touching the app on my phone.

The difference now is that I log out each time I use it. This means that every time I access it again, I have to provide my login details to access my account. I find this obstacle effective – most of the time I do not login, but instead get on with something else.

In this case, I have worked with my habit by regconising I keep typing in the web address or accessing the app that automatically logs me onto my account. By creating this extra step, it doesn’t stop me accidentally typing in the address, but it stops me seeing my news feed.

Maybe the trick is not to allow your computer to remember your password, as it is all too convenient to login without even thinking about it. Minimalism has helped me to take more responsibility for all areas of my life; why not extend it to social media?


5 thoughts on “Reducing My Facebook Use

  1. I’ve logged out of the Facebook app on my phone (annoyingly it’s impossible to uninstall it!) and I’ve lost the urge to bother to log in there and check it. Great idea to make sure you’re logged out on your computer too – I end up checking my emails and Pinterest feed very often because there’re just there when I type in the addresses. Maybe today I’ll try your idea and see how it goes!

  2. Hey Joanna. Thanks for the comment.
    I’m glad to hear that you liked my suggestion. You raise a good point by extending this to other accounts we have online. Let me know how it goes for you! I have not been on Facebook for 2 days now!

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  4. Great suggestion; I’m going to try it. I would get rid of the horrid thing altogether but I’m part of organizations that use it to schedule and invite people to events, and want to reduce my usage to just that. Thanks!

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