“Perseverance can be hard. But, here’s the beautiful part: Perseverance is one secret of success available to each of us.” – Joshua Becker, Becoming Minimalist

I have to be honest. These last couple of weeks have been difficult. I have been facing some trials which have been painful to navigate through, and I am still trying to work through it. Sometimes it feels that life should not be this hard, and that success only comes to those who are more lucky than anything. However, when working hard towards our goals, painful setbacks are common. Success is not a straight line that goes up consistently over time; it is more of a squiggle, sometimes making great strides, and then experiencing great setbacks.

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Open to Feedback

One of the best ways to improve and develop is to listen to feedback. The problem with this is it can be taken the wrong way and can make us defensive. When defensive, we tend to respond negatively to the feedback, trying to justify what we did in an aggressive way.

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