5 Common Ways We Get Into Debt

We live in a culture where it is easy to fall into debt. In fact, it feels like we are even encouraged to get into debt. According to a Urban Institute study in 2014 (source), around 77 million Americans have a report of debt in collections, which means they are 180 days past their debt payments. They owed an average of around $5,000. This is just America alone – the number of people in debt for the entire world would naturally be higher.

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Sunny and Walking – Try This

Today I witnessed the solar eclipse. Unfortunately for me, it was rather cloudy to begin with, so did not get a terrific view. However, the clouds cleared up, it got sunny and the temperature went into double digits; perfect weather for a walk! Minimalism and walking go hand-in-hand. I live close to a lake, which offers a pretty nice walking route. Along the way, there is a semi-circular bench, and sitting down on it allows you to see most of the lake. I sometimes use this opportunity to close my eyes for a while.

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Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin

Death. It is inevitable, and therefore something all living beings have to face. There are plenty of articles that discuss the top regrets when people face death. I find these perspective interesting as death seems so remote to me, being in my late twenties. However, although I understand in theory that I will die somebody, I believe that no one really believes it until it becomes an immediate reality. When people face death, they seem to get this amazing clarity of vision of how life should be lived.

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Minimalist Packing: The Clear-Out Before Moving

Last year I did a post on what I would take with me if I was to go adventuring on short notice (source). Some of my readers will know that I plan to live in America sometime this year. It is looking increasingly likely that this will be taking place in the next couple of months now. Although I have decluttered significantly in the last couple of years (getting rid of clothes, my TV and video game console to name a few), having this minimalist mindset naturally made me think, “What else could I get rid of before making the move?”

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Clear the Mind by Writing it Down

I read an interesting article recently that explained how students can combat test anxiety and improve performance immediately before an exam begins (source). The researchers found that students who were prone to anxiety could reduce their stress by writing down what their fear was. Many years of research has shown that writing down your emotions has tangible benefits. I thought about trying this myself, and the results were interesting.

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