More Decluttering Before Move – DVDs


Although I did not own many DVDs, there were a number of reasons why I wanted to get rid of my collection; not possessing a DVD player since selling my Xbox; I watch films and TV series online; did not want to take up bag space unnecessarily; and, probably most importantly, UK DVDs cannot be played on American DVD players! Ok, that may not be the most important one to me, it is more about the decluttering. But if I can’t even play them there is just no point!

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Only One Home Screen Page on Phone

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. I have owned this phone for just under 3 years, and plan not to upgrade until I move to America (why enter into a new 2 year contract in the UK just before going?). I currently have a 12 month SIM only contract that expires in 2 months, which saved me 66% compared to my previous contract cost. Plus, I am still happy with my phone; the main reason I am getting a new phone when I move is that it would be expensive to use this phone while abroad, and it would probably just be cheaper to get a new one (and I love technology, so hard to resist new phones…). Trying to be more minimalist, I think I am doing pretty well so far. For the last couple of months, I have taken this one step further; only have one home screen page, and the results were surprising!

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More Decluttering Before Move – Books


I enjoy reading books. Funnily enough, my reading habit only really picked up after university – I would read when required, but sure it more as a chore than wanting to do it. That didn’t mean that there would be times when I did enjoy reading, its just that I did not really consider it a real interest of mine. Over the years, I have purchased a number of books that have slowly been taking up space on my small bookshelf and one of my closets. With my move to America edging closer, I thought this was a good time to start decluttering, as outlined in my clear-out before moving post.

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