Arrived in America!

Well, I’m here! That moment I have been waiting for over the last year. I am now living in the United States of America. Here begins my new journey.

I am going to make this brief as it is already 10pm here (3am UK time). I arrived yesterday late afternoon and pretty much got to my hotel room, had some food, and went to bed. Today was spent catching up with some people I knew in the area from last year, and got my bearings again.

There are a few things that I need to sort out next week, including opening a “checking” account if I want to get paid to allow me  to pay my bills and stay here. I should also probably get my haircut sometime soon too.

Further to my posts on decluttering my DVDs and books before my move, I did also get around to decluttering my music CD album. In fact, I got rid of it all. I went to the electronic exchange store (the same place I sold my Xbox) and sold every single one of them. 18 years worth of collecting around 200 CDs gone in an instant…well, it wasn’t really an instant as it took about an hour for the staff member to go through them all! But all was good in the end; she saw some albums she wanted for her album collection and I used part of the money to pay for a meal with my mum and brother.

Expect updates on how I am settling into the US and how my journey with minimalism will be impacted by this move. Will it continue to go well, or will it go disastrously wrong? One thing is for sure – it will be a journey. A journey I am ready to embark on.


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