Avoided Caffeine all Day…So Far!

I never was much of a coffee drinker. Until I started to work! It seems more out of habit I resort to a cup of joe every weekday morning. I never seem to touch the stuff over the weekend, unless I happen to be out with friends at a cafe. Since being in the States, I have somehow managed to get into drinking a bottle of diet Mountain Dew with my lunch. I don’t know the precise maths (or math I should say here!), but that adds up to a lot of caffeine already! Today I decided to be different and opt out of both.

Out of all the days, I decided to try this out on a Friday. Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise; we get that Friday feeling and we automatically feel a bit more energized for the weekend. That may explain why it was easier to avoid my regular caffeine cocktail. It will be interesting to see if I still feel the same way on Monday. I guess that will be more of a test!

There are studies that show that although there is a short term benefit of drinking caffeine (feeling more alert and burst of energy for a short amount of time), once it wears off it can actually make you feel worse for the rest of the day. This is putting it in very basic terms, but I believe that is the gist of it. It is worth remembering that we all react to caffeine in different ways, and does not effect some people as much as others.

Interestingly enough, if I drink a soft drink with caffeine, it does not seem to have as much of an impact as drinking a coffee. I tend not to drink coffee in the evenings as I find myself struggling to sleep afterwards. However, if I do the same thing with a coke, I do not suffer the same issue. Perhaps there is another ingredient in coffee that causes this, and perhaps caffeine is not the primary reason for keeping me awake.

For now, I will see if I can keep off the caffeine for a few days. Who knows, perhaps I will feel better as a result of dropping it. That or I get very tired and rush to the coffee machine on Monday morning!


2 thoughts on “Avoided Caffeine all Day…So Far!

  1. I love coffee and enjoy my cup every morning. I drink mine black, so there is no sugar or added calories. However, if I miss one small cup on any given morning, I will develop the worst most painful migraine headache by 1-2pm. This is the only downside to my coffee habit. I absolutely MUST have at least a small cup every morning simply to avoid this awful feeling. I do not like being tied down to this requirement, so I am going to slowly experiment with switching to Green Tea. I must mention however, that it would do you a world of good better to drop the Mountain Dew faster than the coffee 🙂

    • I also drink mine black too – when I have a cup of coffee, I want to taste its full flavor, and do not want it to be diluted in anyway. Certainly sounds like you have developed a bit of a coffee habit there. I do quite like green tea. Perhaps I will buy some bags of it and make the slow switch over too! I agree on the mountain dew. Maybe I can find a better drink to have with my lunch at work. Thanks for the comment!

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