What Am I Doing?

This is my first post in a long time. Since August, in fact. There is a question that has often been on my mind. What am I doing?

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Why the Lack of Posts?

So I haven’t been the best in posting regularly on here. Before I had made the move to America, I was certain that I would be providing updates on here regularly. I thought with all the new experiences and seeing capitalism in its most apparent form, I would have a lot to blog about. Turns out, at the moment at least, I do not feel that much different to how I was back in England. However, the difference is that I do not know as much people over here, so organising activities is harder to do. On top of that, it can be an isolating experience at times. So, was this move a mistake?

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Small Changes Go A Long Way

Feel like you need to set out a huge plan to improve yourself? Even though it seems like a good idea, but may just be anything but that! The issue of having huge goals and plans are that they can be overwhelming. Want to save 50% of your money when you are used to saving 0%? Great intentions, but likely to be poor delivery. When something seems huge, it can make us feel overwhelmed, lead to indecision, and then giving up all together. The clear danger is the more you get used to this negative cycle of failing, the more likely you will be discouraged to try again. Or, you may decide to step up your game yet again to chase up on lost ground, only to be bitterly disappointed again. The answer could be as simple as small changes.

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