Sunny and Walking – Try This

Today I witnessed the solar eclipse. Unfortunately for me, it was rather cloudy to begin with, so did not get a terrific view. However, the clouds cleared up, it got sunny and the temperature went into double digits; perfect weather for a walk! Minimalism and walking go hand-in-hand. I live close to a lake, which offers a pretty nice walking route. Along the way, there is a semi-circular bench, and sitting down on it allows you to see most of the lake. I sometimes use this opportunity to close my eyes for a while.

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A Saturday Afternoon Stroll

Further to my “Lunchtime Walks” post, I would like to expand on this by saying that walking is not just one of my favourite activities during the working week, but a great activity anytime. In fact, it is the kind of activity you can make an afternoon out of.

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Lunchtime Walks

One of my favourite activities during the working day is walking. I find them refreshing and productive; it gives me the opportunity to take a break from my current activities, allows me to take a wider view on life and appreciate the time that I have now. I can reflect on the day, appreciate the natural world outside and get some exercise simultaneously.

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