Why the Lack of Posts?

So I haven’t been the best in posting regularly on here. Before I had made the move to America, I was certain that I would be providing updates on here regularly. I thought with all the new experiences and seeing capitalism in its most apparent form, I would have a lot to blog about. Turns out, at the moment at least, I do not feel that much different to how I was back in England. However, the difference is that I do not know as much people over here, so organising activities is harder to do. On top of that, it can be an isolating experience at times. So, was this move a mistake?

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Walking in the States

I enjoy walking. I can put up with most conditions, including humidity and strong winds. I think a 30 minute walk to work each morning is a great way to start the day. Fortunately for me, that is my current situation! I also try grabbing at least 30 minutes to walk during my lunch break, and then walk back home afterwards. That’s at least 1 hour 30 minutes walking each day! When I tell my American colleagues I walk to work each day, their responses are surprising!

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Finding a Place in Manhattan is Tough

I have just moved into my new short-term apartment in the Greater New York area. What I meant by this is that I am not on a fixed contract. If I find another place, all I need to do is provide a month’s notice and I am free to go. This was perfect for my situation. The apartment itself is not too bad either; the location is good as I can walk to work in 20 minutes, and the rent is all inclusive. The only limitation is that the landlord needs it back by October, giving me 3 months maximum to find a new place. So, this has worked out well. The hard part is now finding a place in Manhattan!

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Nearly a Month Living in America

I have been busy since my last blog post, when I just arrived in America. I was hoping to update my blog more regularly, but it seems I have been so absorbed in just arriving that I have put this off for a bit. OK, maybe more than just a bit – more like too long! I feel that some of my time has been well spent, but there are things I am doing that have not been good use of my time.

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Arrived in America!

Well, I’m here! That moment I have been waiting for over the last year. I am now living in the United States of America. Here begins my new journey.

I am going to make this brief as it is already 10pm here (3am UK time). I arrived yesterday late afternoon and pretty much got to my hotel room, had some food, and went to bed. Today was spent catching up with some people I knew in the area from last year, and got my bearings again.

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